Why plant-based?

We created So Many Cooks because we believe in the importance of plant-based lifestyle and we are all trained Food For Life Instructors; an evidence based nutrition education program by the Physicians Committee. People follow a plant-based lifestyle for three main reasons; the health benefits, environment and for animals.  Food is something that connects everyone all over the world and our passionate team are happy to be sharing our tasty recipes with you!


The health benefits of a plant-based diet are endless and more studies are showing the importance of a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, seeds and legumes. In 2015 the World Health Organisation listed red meat as carcinogenic to humans and more research is showing the link between animal products and the main causes of death in the United States; heart disease, cancers, stroke and diabetes. In the past, many people believe that healthy food did not taste good, but we are here to prove that plant-based food tastes delicious. Find out more about health by watching Code Blue here.



Climate change is one of the most important causes that are impacting the lives of billions already and unless we collectively change what and how we consume, the environment will continue to be diminished. Fortunately, plant-based diets are now more accessible than ever and many people are switching to plant-based foods because of the endless positives it has on the environment. Countless studies display the importance of people cutting down on animal products and the largest environmental organisations in the world are increasingly promoting plant-based diets. You can watch Cowspiracy to learn more about the environmental impacts of animal agriculture here. 



More than 70 billion farm animals are killed every year, many of which are kept in cruel conditions, not to mention the many wild animals that are directly impacted from animal agriculture that is a leading cause of species extinction, habitat loss and deforestation. The more people that choose adhere to a plant-based lifestyle the less demand for animal products and less animals that will be exploiting and killed. Dominion is an insightful documentary that displays the lack of regard for animals that we share this earth with.